What have we learned from working with more than 150 newsrooms around the world? That practicing public-powered journalism results in significant benefits for the public, newsroom and democracy.



Be more likely to convert to subscribers

A year-long, independent study revealed that readers who engaged with Hearken were between 2–5x more likely to convert to paying supporters. - BITCH MEDIA

A data study of Hearken newsrooms showed that 56% of those who submitted questions through Hearken tech also subscribed to the newsroom’s newsletter.

The path to conversion on Hearken-powered story pages had an average that was almost double the average recorded for all stories. Average conversions for Hearken-powered stories were more than twice as many as all stories combined. - DALLAS MORNING NEWS


Spend more time on their website

“The average time-on-page was 5 minutes and 25 seconds, which is about four times higher than the average for WPR.org.” - WISCONSIN PUBLIC RADIO

“Hearken-powered ‘Texplainer’ stories outperformed other Texas Tribune stories in terms of reach — averaging 2 percent more users and 6 percent more views and engagement. Sessions that included a visit to a Texplainer story were 8 percent longer on average.” - THE TEXAS TRIBUNE

“Hearken-powered stories consistently rank in the top 10 for average engaged minutes and perform well-above average on social media channels.” - LANCASTER ONLINE

“Hearken-powered Brave Little State content also sees less than half the bounce rate than visits site-wide.” - VERMONT PUBLIC RADIO

WHEN NEWSROOMS LISTEN, their stories will:


Consistently out-perform  


Subscribe to more newsletters 

Be more likely to convert to paying members or subscribers

The newsroom will:

Consistently create top-performing stories 

And then journalism will

Better empower people with the information they need to make decisions about their lives!

Share their infinite curiosity to create original, high-performing, relevant stories

Turn to their newsroom in times of crisis (KPCC)