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We help newsrooms better listen to those they serve. Our unique public-powered methodology has benefitted more than 150 newsrooms around the globe, and we’re just getting started. We can help you launch an engaged project, operationalize it into a newsroom practice, and turn engagement into a competitive advantage and profit center. If you’re new to our work, the best place to start is with a Strategy Call. We’ll help you zero in on the most powerful place to apply engagement and build momentum.

Hearken has the audience engagement implementation processes down to a science. The team sent us a ton of awesome material and had feedback for each step along the way.
— Dustin Leed, Assistant Managing Editor


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With services, strategy and tech to make every part of your journalism more public-powered, our team is excited to help you get started. Our proven practices will help you get closer to the public and meet your organization’s most pressing needs. Talk to our experts today.


Capability-building Workshops

Audience engagement is the most valuable skillset journalists can acquire. Not only does engagement result in reader revenue, it creates more relevant, representative coverage. Hearken helps newsrooms build new muscles and operationalize engagement. We offer dozens of workshops we can present on-site or online. Let us help you find the most change-making option for your newsroom by consulting with an engagement expert today.

Since we’re on the path of going from print only to digital-oriented we need to change not only our business model and how we work with our articles, but also, our mindset. The hours with Hearken were so well-spent: inspiration, knowledge, best-in-practice not only from the big ones but a lot from minor players, more similar to our us in terms of conditions and challenges.”
— Jonas Eklöf, Editor in Chief Vi Läser, Sweden
We are so happy with the success of Hearken’s workshop! All of the participants expressed great satisfaction, both with the lively presentation and the thought-provoking exercises. We were inspired and learned so much.
— Per C Magnus, director of Center for Investigating Journalism at the University of Bergen, Norway
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We want any individual to have the opportunity to learn from the audience engagement best practices we’ve gathered from working with 150+ newsrooms around the world. We provide individuals with the framework for how to actually implement those best practices in their own work and accelerate their career. Why? Because the more journalists we have embracing a public-first mentality, the better off our industry will be.

As someone coming from a newsroom without an existing Hearken partnership, I found the provided resources on audience engagement best practices incredibly helpful. On top of that, the ability to connect with other people in real time and gather feedback on how to best include the public in my work was invaluable and immediately impacted projects I was working on.
— Danika Worthington, The Denver Post
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Personalized Coaching

Our Engagement Strategists can help with a wide range of engagement needs - from launching a membership program to optimizing a newsletter strategy to conducting an audience needs survey to workflow optimization. Dive into our staff’s bios to learn more about how they can help and book time.

engagement innovation summit

Engagement Innovation Summit - October 2019

You’re invited to attend our inaugural Engagement Innovation Summit in NYC on October 23, 24 2019! We have space for 150 innovators to convene for two days of hands-on, experiential sessions around listening and engagement, with a track specifically for engaged elections work. Come meet the most innovative practitioners and leave with a literal binder full of action plans and strategies to make the most responsive and helpful coverage you can.


Engaged Elections

Newsrooms need to establish practices for meeting their audience’s information needs ahead of elections in order to generate meaningful reporting that fulfills their editorial mission and rebuild trust. Hearken is pairing up with The Membership Puzzle Project & NYU professor Jay Rosen to help newsrooms create more engaged elections coverage.