We've flipped the traditional model on its head, enabling journalists to know before publishing that their work is relevant.

By listening to the public from story inception to completion, newsrooms can understand how to truly serve the needs of their audiences without resorting to guesswork, gut feel or flawed metrics. 

Hearken helps newsrooms harness the universal quality of curiosity: collecting the public's questions as to what they don't know that they'd like a reporter to cover. Newsrooms have the option of curating the best questions up for a public vote and working with the public while reporting.

This process ensures journalists spend their limited time and resources generating the most useful content possible.

An informed citizenry is the bedrock of democracy, and the purpose of journalism. So why not let the citizenry weigh in directly on what information they need? 


I cannot be more precise as this: Hearken has been a goldmine for stories and proved what I suspected: that newsrooms may be numb in terms of ideas that match their reader’s interest.
— Sebastián Auyanet, El Observador
I really like the Hearken process. Both because it surfaces great topics and because it helps us understand where we’re hitting the mark and where we’re not.
— Jordan Wirfs-Brock, Inside Energy
Hearken helps us create stories that are more relevant, effective and more shareable. Their public-powered model enables us to tell stories that ignite people and meets them where they are.
— Andi McDaniel, WAMU