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Columbia Journalism Review: Platform aimed at audience interaction generates story ideas, goodwill 

While news organizations are continually looking for better ways to interact with their audiences ... the opportunity for readers or listeners to speak to journalists before they publish a story is rare. Hearken is particularly useful for small news organizations without the internal resources to develop social engagement.


KQED’s Hearken-powered series Bay Curious has proven to be extremely popular and widely viewed, generating 11 to 15 times more pageviews than the newsroom’s other stories ... There is often a disconnect between newsrooms and the organization’s business and marketing functions. The increased visibility of Bay Curious stories positively impacts ad awareness, providing opportunities to turn casual readers/viewers into donors or members. The Hearken platform and the audience-centric approach of Bay Curious touches and brings together all three of these functions simultaneously, and in a productive way.

Editor and Publisher: Digital Publishing: Newsrooms Should Invite Readers to Give Input on Story Ideas

The genius of how Hearken works is in its simplicity…Think of it as beta-testing story ideas before any valuable time is spent reporting and writing.

Nieman Lab: A Turning Point for Trust

People trust information that truly includes them ... Brandel goes so far as to call what Hearken does “public-powered journalism” — I don’t think information gathering can be more inclusive than that. 

The Washington Post: How journalism is changing for the better, in 1 chart

As a hater of the comments section and a lover of more audience-focused journalism -- there's nothing more corrosive to journalism's future than reporters writing for other reporters -- I found Brandel's argument fascinating and convincing.
Also, journalism at its root is about finding answers -- or trying to find answers -- to questions average people are wondering about. Why not, you know, try to develop a process by which you can actually solicit the ideas of your audience about what it would like to know more about?

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Moyers & Company: Goodbye to the Loudest Drunk in NPR’s Online Bar - August 23, 2016

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NPRNPR Website To Get Rid Of Comments - August 17, 2016

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Idea Forge: Meet Hearken: The Chicago Startup Revolutionizing Editorial Decision Making -  August 4, 2016

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