What's the hearken EMS?

It's an engagement management system, And it's going to save you countless hours.

Get to the fun stuff way faster.  

our streamlined ems PLATFORM features EMBEDDABLE, RESPONSIVE MODULES FOR CULTIVATING AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT, and enables everyone in your organization to collaborate in one lovely place. 

Check out this series from our partner at KUT in Austin, Texas: ATXplained

Embeddable Hearken modules are customizable, white-label, and fully responsive. Check out a curiosity module in action. Feel free to ask us anything!



The hearken technology is responsive and looks great on any device.  It's optimized for easy mobile use and access, too. 

Before, we used to work a lot more independently from one another. The Hearken platform enables us to work together on one story with people from our website, radio station, tv station and newspaper because all of the input from our audience is collected in one place.
— Elfi Thoelen, Content Manager and Webmaster, TVBrussel
Hearken has allowed WYSO to engage with our audience on a deeper level, making them feel involved in the reporting process in way that makes sense for all of us. The Hearken platform itself keeps the entire process organized, running smoothly and looking good - which for a small shop is HUGE.
— Juliet Fromholt, Deputy Operations Director, WYSO

Top features include:

  • Manage actionable engagement in one place: Hearken solves for the coordination costs that come with piecing together generic tech to keep audience input organized in your production cycle. Our EMS is designed by journalists and for the rhythm of fast-paced news organizations. 

  • Create targeted opportunities for engagement: Customizable curiosity modules and voting. A question is worth a thousand stories. Embed or direct link to our customizable curiosity modules to gather the great questions your community would love you to cover. Use our voting modules to beta-test story ideas before making the big investment. Turn audience input into popular stories with journalistic value and show your audience you're responsive to their needs.   

  • Help your audience find the stories they want: Capture story interest and follow-up. When audience members express interest in a question, they’ll receive updates when that story is being reported on and is completed.

  • Own your audience relationships: Generate leads for newsletters and subscriptions. Don't let Facebook stand between you and being in direct touch with your audiences. Hearken helps you generate leads for newsletters and subscriptions and protects your ability to stay in touch with your base.  

  • Recapture audience trust by showing your work as you go with The Hearken Open Notebook

Beyond the Hearken EMS, our partners also receive personalized engagement coaching, receive engagement reports and are part of an exclusive Hearken online discussion group with journalists around the world.