Public-Powered Stories

Our partners report original stories that start from questions posed by the public. 


Newsrooms use Hearken to generate public questions and stories on every topic conceivable: from timely and topic-based to geographically-focused, evergreen inquiries. Public-powered journalism can be applied to all manner of reporting styles and product types (TV, radio, podcast, newspaper, Snap, etc.) 


Turns out the public has award-winning questions! Our partners have been nominated for an Emmy and received numerous honors, including regional Edward R. Murrow awards (many for innovation and investigative journalism), Associated Press awards, and awards from local press associations.  


Our partners are finding Hearken is powering their top stories of all time, shattering records for visits, page views, social shares and increasing time on site.  

Read  Rockman et. al's research findings  on KQED's Bay Curious. 

Read Rockman et. al's research findings on KQED's Bay Curious. 

Hearken powered:

  • The top 3 stories in 2016 on 
  • WUWM's top-performing story of all time to date
  • KRCC's top-performing story of all time to date
  • Top-performing local stories on NPR One


Hearken helps newsrooms connect editorial goals to bottom-line business objectives. 

Read the results of Bitch Media's Hearken case study. 

Read the results of Bitch Media's Hearken case study. 

Kenosha News Paywall

Value-add for paying subscribers

Partners with paywalls or log-in systems use Hearken to acquire new users by incentivizing participation and resulting content before or after logging-in. 

Hearken can also connect to a newsroom's CRM system (Customer Relationship Management), sending emails directly to subscriber lists for increasing newsletter subscribership and membership. 

Charlottesville Tomorrow Ads

VALUABLE ad placement on platform

Our partners at Charlottesville Tomorrow commanded 6x their standard ad rates for ads that appeared on their Hearken embeds. Why? Because these ads are seen where the public is engaging, and embeds are placed throughout the site, giving advertisers more exposure.