Hearken partners

Hearken has enabled more than 150 newsrooms around the world, across 18 languages and every format adopt public-powered journalism. We partner with newsrooms as small as 3 people and as large as the BBC.

“I cannot be more precise than this: Hearken has been a goldmine for stories and proved what I suspected: that newsrooms may be numb in terms of ideas that match their reader’s needs and interests.
— Sebastian Ayunet

Partner Examples

wicked smart.png

Your audience is wicked smart and will ask serious questions

A collection of hard-hitting public-powered reporting.

public powered elections.png

How newsrooms across the U.S. public-powered their elections coverage

How to ensure an informed and engaged electorate? Participation in many forms.

howard eagle.jpeg

How one newsroom changed the dynamic with a long-time critic

The Democrat & Chronicle listened to one of its most vocal critics, leading to transformative change.

panama city.jpeg

How Panama City’s newspaper used Hearken to create a lifeline for readers during Hurricane Michael

Public-powered journalism in times of crisis.

KQED homelessness.png

KQED Gathered 1,300+ Questions About Homelessness

When KQED asked for listeners’ questions about homelessness, the response was overwhelming. Here’s how they handled it.

champions of curiosity.png

The winners of Hearken’s 2018 Champions of Curiosity Awards

A collection of the best public-powered journalism from 2018.