Meredith Turk

Engagement Strategist and Industry Partnerships Lead

Meredith has worked in newsrooms all over the country before joining Hearken. As an engagement strategist Meredith helps newsrooms start the engagement process. She specializes in working with new partners and growing engagement practices in new industries.

Meredith Turk has worked in public media for almost a decade since starting at KBIA at the University of Missouri. She was the lead producer for Homefront: Fort Drum, a community engagement project with North Country Public Radio that told stories about the military. She was recently the community engagement producer at Colorado Public Radio, and previously an investigative journalist with Scripps News. Her work has appeared on NPR, BBC, and several podcasts.

In her free time Meredith likes everything outdoors. She studied beekeeping in Slovenia as a Fulbright scholar, which is also where she had her first stint herding goats in the Alps. She’s currently facing her fears by rock climbing and traversing glaciers.

She has a cat that acts like a dog (#mlekothecat). And of course she loves goats.

A selection of community engagement projects Meredith has worked on:

What Meredith can help you with:

  • Event Planning: Events can infuse fun and creativity in our journalistic work that builds excitement and trust with audiences. Meredith has designed and produced large-scale public media events in just a few months. That’s how she ended up producing a storytelling event about the military for North Country Public radio, set at a drive-in movie theater in upstate New York. She can help you envision your event idea, and make it work for your newsroom, audience, and your budget. Book a call to discuss your event idea with Meredith.

  • Bridging audiences: Meredith has led many projects focused on building relationships with under-represented communities like in rural areas, the military, conservative voices in media. She was a producer for Breaking Bread, an award-winning series at Colorado Public Radio, that brought liberal and conservative voices together. She was also the lead producer for a project about the military in upstate New York. Meredith can help you build a strategy for sustained relationships with under-represented audiences.

  • Organizational strategy: She can help you reorient capacity and break down internal silos to enable your success at engagement. She can guide your newsroom to launch your own engagement effort and assess its progress over time. She can work with you to develop engagement strategy across platforms and products, from your digital outreach to podcasts.