Krystina Martinez

Engagement Strategist - Operations Lead

Krystina was a voracious reader growing up and always had her hand on a newspaper. She loves how journalism can enable people to make well-informed decisions about their livelihood and is passionate about spreading journalism to resource-strapped and underserved communities.

Krystina can provide guidance on internal workflows, productivity hacks, goal-setting, in-person and online outreach to underserved audiences, incorporating engagement work into membership and fundraising campaigns, and all things audio. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with an emphasis in broadcast journalism from West Texas A&M University and has worked as a producer and reporter in public media.

When Krystina’s not at work, she’s likely indulging in one of her many hobbies, such as sewing, powerlifting, or home decorating. She’s a dog person, and believes every dog is a good dog.

A selection of Hearken partners Krystina has helped:

Krystina can help with:

  • Project Organization: Many projects falter in a newsroom because of poor processes. Krystina is a whiz at organization. She can help your newsroom develop a workflow that is sustainable and easy to manage.

  • Reporter activation: Krystina’s helped a number of newsrooms generate buy-in for engagement journalism among reporters. She has a wealth of strategies for helping reporters juggle the daily demands of their jobs while finding opportunities to deepen storytelling through audience engagement practices.

  • Strategic goal-setting and evaluation: Setting goals and evaluation is critical for any audience engagement strategy. Krystina can help identify strategic goals that make sense for your organization and methods for evaluating progress over time.

  • Broadcast-specific production and planning: As a former radio producer, reporter, and newscaster, Krystina knows the unique challenges broadcast newsrooms face. She can help incorporate audience engagement into radio and TV work, as well as navigate tricky situations unique to broadcasting.