Julia Haslanger

Engagement Strategist - Data & Projects Manager


Julia grew up hanging around her dad’s newsroom, and throughout her career has sought to help newsrooms persevere for generations to come.

She can provide Hearken partners guidance on setting goals, analyzing audience data or production data, social media strategy, data visualization, design, communicating between editorial and product, training reporters on engagement practices, and creating job descriptions for engagement roles.

Julia earned a master’s degree in Social Journalism from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, and a bachelor’s degree from the Missouri School of Journalism. She’s worked in a variety of production-side jobs in daily newspapers, from small-town papers to national news organizations including Politico and The Wall Street Journal. She also created the Journo Salary Sharer to help journalists talk about and compare what they earn.

Outside of work, Julia enjoys spending time with her family (including #PicaTheCat), baking, church, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

A selection of Hearken partners Julia has helped:

  • WAMU’s 1A is a national radio program that uses Hearken to gather questions on specific topics as well as to surface ideas for future programs. Its 1A Across America program expands the reach of the series into more local audiences, through a partnership with member stations.

  • Hearken worked with McClatchy Publishing Company on its Influencer series. Staff at newspapers in four parts of the country, including Florida, used Hearken to collect audience members’ questions and concerns, to bring those to people with the most power in the communities, and then report back about solutions and opinions. Participating newsrooms heard from hundreds of readers each, and produced dozens of stories addressing questions from readers.

Julia can help you with:

  • Data and engagement: Julia has helped numerous newsrooms track their engagement projects. She can work with your entire team to design, build, and evaluate an effective project. This data is essential for talking with sponsors and marketing departments.

  • Data analysis: Don’t know where to start with data analysis? Julia can help you make sense of the numbers and build an understanding of what matters to your audience and your organization so you can make data-driven decisions.

  • Strategic goal-setting and evaluation: Setting goals and evaluation is critical for any audience engagement strategy. Julia can help identify strategic goals that make sense for your organization and methods for evaluating progress over time.

  • Setting a social media strategy: Julia holds a master’s degree in social journalism from the City University of New York. She can help you better understand which platforms to use for which purpose, how to develop a brand voice, and authentic interaction over social media.