Federica Cherubini

Engagement Manager, Hearken Europe

Photo Credit: Alastair Nicol

Federica is an industry expert who has spent the past decade exploring, learning and working in the news industry, on a global scale. Her career has been focused on understanding the processes and dynamics of journalism, connecting the dots between people, disciplines, departments, projects, cultures, and figuring out new ways of working. Prior to joining Hearken she was Audience Projects Editor at Condé Nast International, working on audience growth, best practice and knowledge sharing between editorial, data, product and commercial teams of the CNI's global portfolio.  

Before that, Federica was part of the Digital News Project team at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, in Oxford, for which she authored, together with Director Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, the report "Editorial analytics: how news media are developing and using audience data and metrics". She was also one of the co-authors of the reports "The future of online news video" and "The rise of fact-checking sites in Europe".

In her free time she is a director at Hacks/Hackers London, a community of 4,000+ members of journalists (hacks) and technologists (hackers) who get together to discuss and rethink the future of news.

She is a member of the Online News Association's 2018 Women’s Leadership Cohort.  

Federica can help you with:

  • Audience development, engagement and content distribution strategies: Federica can help you develop and execute clear goals and plans for understanding, growing and engaging audiences on and off-platforms; devise and implement newsletter strategies (editorial and product); develop editorial initiatives that drive audience loyalty; align analytics, metrics and insights to editorial and business goals.

  • Digital transformation and change management: Having led several transformational projects on an international scale, Federica can help with taking your teams through innovation and transformation processes.

  • Organizational and operational strategies: She is specialized in devising and implementing new and improved ways of working and collaborating across desks, teams and departments; as well as creating new teams and products.