Director of Operations

Status: Full-time

Location: USA-based, remote to start, but could be pulled into one of the Hearken hubs within the next two years as the company grows

Compensation: Salary range: TBD, commensurate with years of experience in similar roles.

Benefits include: 100% coverage of high quality health care plan, considerable time-off package, parental leave, life insurance, 401k, stock options in the company.

The Hearken Approach — Community Engagement Innovation

Are you really listening to your stakeholders? Are you providing value to your community through engagement? Are you converting your engagement efforts into organizational growth yield?

Who We Are

Hearken drives community engagement innovation. We help organizations better listen and engage their stakeholders to build a sustainable community of supporters. We offer transformative and proven processes, training and technology to operationalize community engagement. 

What We Do

Through our consulting, technology and data solutions, we facilitate sustainable community engagement design, delivery and growth for our partners. We help organizations generate actionable insight from their stakeholders - be that their audience, end users, customers, employees, or students and alumni, and strategize on how best to implement that insight into a more sustainable and successful business. 

Most organizations operate top-down, and don’t have adequate channels for getting feedback and brilliant ideas from the outside. We work with teams to break down organizational silos and participate in a collaborative design process. We work closely with partners to develop competency in community engagement to ensure our approach is sustainable over time. We help carve out those pathways and teach processes that help you gather essential qualitative insights and apply it when you’re making the most important decisions. 

Who We Service

We’ve partnered with a variety of organizations, including newsrooms, museums, colleges, foundations, religions, and a variety of private sector emerging and established brands. We are constantly discovering patterns and cross-disciplinary insights to share with all of our partners. 

Job Description

Hearken is looking for an experienced operations leader and process improvement innovator to join our dynamic leadership team. This role will be a critical part of continuing to build out and scale community engagement consulting and product solutions for a variety of partners across sectors and regions. It is a time of significant growth for Hearken as we shift into a global operations structure. This will require redesigning business systems and operations so they are fully integrated globally. The Director of Operations will work with the CEO and CCO at HK to finalize a growth and operations strategy and execute on establishing a new operating model. 

This role is a critical part of the senior leadership team and works alongside executive leaders to provide business analytics and financial/forecasting data in addition to efficient operations structures to guide leadership decision making. This leader will form project teams and small working groups across the company as needed to improve existing or implement new systems. 

In addition, this role will be an essential part of establishing best practices in internal organizational listening across continents (US and Europe) and teams (Consulting, Tech, Growth, Leadership). By designing and implementing internal feedback loop systems, the leadership team can make operations and growth decisions from a place of listening and use our own organization as an incubator in best practices we may pass onto our consulting clients as they operationalize the Hearken approach.  

Job Opportunity:

Operations/Systems Management (40%)

  • Drive initiatives to increase client retention, support growth, and drive collaboration and engagement across multiple roles, departments, and levels within Hearken. Ensure accurate analytics, monitor key business drivers, identify and drive operational improvements, provide transparency of results to key business leaders, and ensure informed decision making. Drive, coordinate and facilitate actions across business units, products, regions, and functional areas.

  • Identify opportunities for process improvements and develop innovative solutions that drive efficiency 

  • Facilitate global alignment and action across Hearken US and Europe

  • Develop forecasting data and feedback loops for the leadership team

  • Work with the Product Development Lead to gather key insights across all technology partners and produce shareable data sets for our front facing team to use in prospecting and industry advocacy work

  • Develop an internal feedback loop system that collects insights across the Hearken employee team about their overall engagement, but also their combined listening to the market and community around the Hearken brand. 

  • Establish community management operations and systems and train the team in community management best practices. 

  • Manage CRM/sales systems audit and sales operations oversight.

  • Redesign accounting and financial systems to push Hearken into a global financial operating structure. 


Business Intelligence/Community Engagement Insights Innovation (25%)

  • Create leadership team dashboard and pull in respective qualitative/quantitative data across teams for efficient decision making. 

  • Identify and mitigate key strategic risks related to process initiatives, retention performance, and growth. 

  • Advise and participate in strategic business decision making as a part of the leadership team. 

  • Prepare and conduct detailed analysis (including financial modeling) that provide insight and guidance for making informed operational and strategic decisions. 

  • Investigate the production of shareable data sets that can become future revenue generators or support high value consulting contract delivery. 

  • Establish system for organizational listening and synthesizing qualitative data across all consulting and tech projections. 


Community Management (10%)

  • Establish prospect, current customer and employee engagement feedback loops in collaboration with all team leads. 

  • Work with the Chief of Staff on streamlining people operations and building those rhythm of the business - i.e. developing an employee professional development program and continued learning opportunities, establishing an annual review process, and ensuring smooth on/off-boarding.

  • Report to senior leadership on resourcing opportunities/challenges and forecast when/if additional hires need to be made.

  • Produce reports and insights from the community growth around the Hearken brand and ROI generated from that investment in building community. 

  • Establish Hearken as a leader in operationalizing zebra company business models and advocate for support of alternative models of growth and scale. 


Front Facing Consulting  (25%)

  • Participate in 1 client facing project a quarter that has an ops/systems mgmt or community mgmt focus. 

  • Work with senior consulting managers to establish project effectiveness measures and outcomes are captured. 

  • Synthesize collective community insights data from across consulting and tech related projects to share with the Hearken community and in sales/prospecting work. 

You ideally have experience in:

  • 5-7 years of progressive business experience, preferably in a Financial Analytics, Strategy or Business Operations role.

  • Knowledge and experience in working with senior-level leaders.

  • Demonstrated ability to own, manage and complete complex, multi-functional projects.

  • Demonstrated experience providing lead consultation on large-scale, complex change initiatives.

  • Creative, innovative and adept at learning new approaches to organization development and change.

  • Knowledge of macro organizational behavior, team dynamics and individual development.

  • Proven track record of effectively coaching leaders at all levels in the organization.

  • Confident facilitator and presenter to all levels in the organization.

  • Ability to lead high profile initiatives and present approaches and plans to senior leaders.

  • Skilled consultant with proven ability to contract with clients and manage projects through to completion. 

  • Data manipulation skills.

  • Knowledge of process improvement methodologies 

  • Experience in human centered design

  • Demonstrated knowledge of establishing initial business intelligence systems and dashboards

  • Using qualitative and quantitative data to prioritize and drive decision-making

Additional skills we consider a major plus:

  • Interest or experience in journalism, education or other public serving industries

  • Strong understanding of zebra’s unite founders community and open to testing new methods to grow as an organization

  • SQL, advanced data analytics experience and ability to leverage tools to produce large data sets to inform client delivery

  • Experience with financial modeling to drive strategic business growth

To apply: Complete this form and then email your résumé to

Application deadline: Sept. 30, 2019