Does Hearken work?

Good question. The short answer: yes.

100+ organizations rely on Hearken to engage their audience. We asked our partners if Hearken delivered.

Our last question asker actually said, “I feel so much more connected to the station now!” If only we’d been rolling tape. Our Hearken is funded by a single donor & our relationship with that donor has deepened as well - she threw us a party for our one year anniversary with the project and she loves to hear about what we do!
— Laura Ellis, Producer, Louisville Public Media

Hearken stories perform well...

10,000+ new email subscribers

WBEZ's Curious City series generate over 10,000 new email subscribers, 56% of which became new leads.

Membership and Subscriptions

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11-15X more page views

KQED's Bay Curious Hearken stories recieved 11-15 times the amounts of traffic than non-Hearken stories. 

280,000 Unique views

With over 280,000 unique views, WBEZ's Baring It All is the top performing web story of all time on 

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As we create new projects, Hearken provides a built-in way to engage our audience. We know we can always collect questions around a given topic.
— Lindsey Foat, Community Engagement Producer, KCPT

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