hearken means "listen" 


We help news organizations listen to their audiences, engaging the public as a story develops from pitch through publication.

Using Hearken’s consulting and software services, our partners get deep audience engagement that leads to original, high-performing content, along with valuable data and insights.



We've flipped the traditional model on its head, enabling you to know before you report that your audience will find your work relevant. 


Listening to your audience first, not last, makes for better everything. 


I cannot be more precise as this: Hearken has been a goldmine for stories and proved what I suspected: that newsrooms may be occasionally numb in terms of ideas that match their reader’s interest.
— Sebastián Auyanet, El Observador

I really like the Hearken process. Both because it surfaces great topics and because it helps us understand where we’re hitting the mark and where we’re not.
— Jordan Wirfs-Brock, Inside Energy

The Hearken Platform

We've built a custom toolset for cultivating and managing audience engagement. Stop losing valuable input from your audience on endless Twitter feeds, tucked-away corners of Facebook. Hearken helps you take back your relationship with your community and directly serve their information needs.   


Curiosity & Voting Modules

All modules are embeddable on content management systems, including WordPress and Core Publisher.

Fully customizable and easy to configure, Hearken modules integrate seamlessly on your website.


Engagement Management System

The Hearken EMS (Engagement Management System) allows you to quickly and easily organize audience engagement, collaborate across the newsroom, view and download data and insights, and create new modules to embed and attract audience engagement on your sites and all over the web.

Hearken is a really universal tool for the entire newsroom.
— Emily McCord, News Director, WFDD

Our Local Wonder stories made with Hearken consistently do really well online. We started using Hearken in 2014 and all six stories were among the top 20 most visited. Three of those stories were among the five most visited stories on kuow.org. This successful trend continues to this day with all Hearken inspired stories.
— Jim Gates, Senior Editor, KUOW Seattle

Hearken fundamentally changes journalism

Much in the way Threadless figured out how to pre-sell T-shirts, and how Kickstarter builds community and demand in advance of a project, Hearken sources interest for articles before a journalist ever puts pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Readers CAN tell journalists what they want to read and vote on the best ideas, validating interest in those ideas before effort is put into reporting.

We find unique stories to pursue using Hearken. It’s a fantastic engagement and editorial tool in our newsroom.
— Mark Brush, Digital Media Director, Michigan Radio